About Us

Opening our first online store in October 2018, Brick Lane Toys is our wonderfully different LEGO® & Toy Shop, aiming to be your trusted source for building memories, one brick at a time. 

We are an independent online store and aim to be your go to destination for all things LEGO® and toys. Employing avid LEGO® builders in our team, we're passionate about bringing joy and creativity to both kids and adults alike through the joy of building. We stock a wide variety of products online and we are proud to also be the UK exclusive retailer of Bricker Builds Products and the WLWYB Periodic Table of LEGO®Colours V3! Alongside this website, we also have an offering of over 11,000 lots on our BrickLink and Brick Owl stores, which you can find by clicking here and here.

Meet the Team